Philosophy 2013

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We supply close tolerance stampings to the electronic, medical and hardware industries. High speed Press capacities of 30 – 200 tons up to 1500 SPM give us the capability to supply our customers with a diversity of services.

We specialize in medium to high volume stampings where quality and on time delivery are the primary concerns. Tooling is designed, manufactured and maintained on site to maintain total control of the entire process.

Over four generations of experience and fifty years in California, Precision Stamping & Tool has merged Old World craftsmanship with New World technology.

Prior to the turn of the century, tool and die making was still an art . . . as dependent upon the sensitive touch of experienced fingertips as it was in Henry Ford’s day. The machining of each tool, the producing of each die was a time‑consuming and expensive process. Every jig, every fixture was a work of art. And if accidentally damaged, production runs had to be stopped until another could be painstakingly created.

Precision Stamping & Tool was founded by just such proudly accomplished artisans. Their vision was to incorporate generations of hands on knowledge with the tools of the current age. They strove to find better, faster, and cheaper methods in order to create superior products. Throughout the years, that vision is continuously realized. 

While the use of modern technologies has become necessary to remain competitive, personal pride in the tools and the stampings they create is what defines our philosophy.

If you are making long range plans, this should be a concern to you.  Machines do not make quality dies – people do. The quality of stampings produced by any die is never better than the die itself. As a result, we can make available the finest quality stampings to a broad range of the most demanding customers. Let us show you how our expertise can be put to work on YOUR job, today!