Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the highest level of Customer Satisfaction thru our “Ladder of Success”.

Quality Step - Customer satisfaction is not within  reach without a firm commitment to quality. Our goal is to deliver 100% quality with 0%  non-conforming product.
Service Step - 100% on-time delivery is the cornerstone of this step. Supplying information to the customer to help improve product quality, lower product costs and meet final consumer expectations are a few of the many other services we will provide.
Value Step - Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality and services for the lowest possible price.

Every step of the Ladder is rooted in Continuous Improvement.  It is only thru Continuous Improvement that we will meet and surpass all of our customer’s expectations.

All actions within our company must contribute positively to the Ladder of Success. Any action creating a negative affect to any step on the ladder will be modified or eliminated.

Precision Stamping & Tool’s corporate and manufacturing structure is based on ISO principles. This base is used to create an environment in which all the goals outlined are realized.